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Chillon Castle
  • Chillon Castle

    The Chillon Castle is an architectural gem, magnificently nestled between Lake Geneva and the Swiss Alps. A visit to Chillon is like a journey back in time. Each room reveals part of its history, letting your imagination transport you to the Court of Savoy or to the everyday life of the local governors of Bern. Don’t miss the temporary exhibitions being held this year.

    Visitors can choose the individual or group tour that suits them best: unaccompanied, professionally guided or with the help of an audio guide. All tour information is available in eight languages. In addition, an audiovisual presentation will provide visitors with even more information about the 1,000-year history of the castle.

    Chillon also produces its own wine, which reflects the values of the foundation that runs the monument: tradition, prestige and quality. Guided tours followed by wine tasting are possible.

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